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tv   FOX 29 Weekend  FOX  August 16, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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fox 29 weekend. iain page lucy nolan. 10:00 news station. your news, your neighborhood. live and interactive. this is fox 29 weekend. good morning, welcome to foxed. on a beautiful is sunday augustineth, i'm bill anderson. >> good morning to you as well, take a guess about that, live look outside and see were the weather is going to be look, we have so many wonderful events happening today. center city looks absolutely gorgeous, are a ago at as out there down the shore, to it is the day of the big beach bash contribute with maroon five. >> 100,000 people, they say is heading there to the beach, not only this weekend but next, big event there, you want to george this weather now. but things are changing. of enjoy it now because it's
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nice and comfortable. sketcheds -- 68 in -- 71 in allentown, dloefr view, you see a lot of 60s and 70's here, warming above the 70 degree mark in many of the north and western suburbs. farther south nice and comfortable along the coast. it will cool off a bit this afternoon, sea breeze developing, month so than yesterday, can't forget the were delaware beaches there, lewes 67, rehoboth beach right about mid to low 70, enjoy it now because it about to change, headlines we have the heat wave, it is newer way, at 91 degrees, continues today, air quality alert of the area because of that pre air quality as a result of this high pressure controlling our weather, not much wind and bright sunshine and the humidity starts to creep up there. today, it's down to a seven because we have more humidity, and that air quality elementary good point that sunny and dry, few clouds popping up this
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afternoon -- ultimate doppler and the forecast today, 91 that said the lipping the linc, hot day, 84 with a few showers developing late today in the poconos mountains. they say more rain in the 7-day, i'll look at that coming up. thank you so much. 8:02, event night in our city of philadelphia. two shootings one they have no deadly. there was also a car subcontracting. it happened just before 1:00 this morning at 11th and cumberland streets in the northeast. police say there was a man inside of a bar. were he went outside, he was shot and killed right now officers are talking to witnesses and reviewing surveillance video from a nearby housing development. also, just 90 minutes after that, another shooting in the something section, 15 shots were fired in car at poplar avenue. last check victim in critical
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condition. anybody with information about that shooting call police right away. also new from overnight, police searching for a stolen van after a car sexual contacting in frank and willville happened about 11:00. police say a man was wearing some traditional indian garb jumps into 1300 block west huntingdon park avenue. there were people inside two men mental disabilities inside that vehicle. dropped those two men off and then sped off again. fortunately those victims were not hurt we could learn more today about the man who drowned in the schuylkill river. we've been following the story since it broke yesterday. this is video of crews out searching for the man, police say he was last seen in the water near the venice island recreation center in manayunk just aged 6:00 p.m. during a plus festival. his body found an hour later. we checked in with police overin it. they're not releasing his name just yet and not saying why the
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man was even in the water in the first place. at 8:03, little girl is recovering this morning after a hit's run accident in northeast philadelphia. on the 6600 block of sylvester street just after 7:00 yesterday, car hit the child and at least one other vehicle. right now, she's in stable condition. we did talk to the neighbors in the area, and is this how they described what happened. >> my gosh, sound like an explosion. it was so loud, my husband was down the basement. he thought thunder hit. we couldn't imagine what it was. i look out front and it was horrible. >> the driver of the car took off after the accident, but he want get car. right now, he is currently under arrest. dozens of grieving mothers rallied in chester this weekend looking for an end. >> at his a all lost children, sons or daughters because of the violence in that city. they had balloons released in their children's memories and a
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signs put up listing 181 names of victims of violence in chester since 1980. >> our children let them know they're valuable and their brothers and sister. >> in order for this senseless violence to stop, we, as a community, we have to step up and put a stand on this violence and say enough is enough. >> the rally was organized by ten amnesia palmer. she lost her 7-year-old son in 2007. he just would have celebrated a birthday happening today, a positive situation for all ofs to look into. if you live in northeast philadelphia, you can have a cup of coffee with police officer today. coffee with a cop, is what they're calling it. event will take place from 9:00 to 11:00 this morning at the mini station across from me dell's at the roosevelt mall cottman avenue. the police department says this is chance for neighbors in the community to ask questions about police-related issues, to voice concerns and to build stronger
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community relationships. >> are you ready for some football? i just like to hear that sound. is it is once again a football sunday. it has been a long time. a few hours from now eagles will be hitting the field for first preseason game. we all know these preseason games don't really count. maybe it will answer questions about big questions about the quarterback situation. we know that mark sanchez going to be getting the start, but not getting a lot of playing tom right there. i may have a little bit of bias towards tim tebow and also matt barkley. we already know sam bradford who's going to be sit this out because he does have that injury. we've been talking about. maybe the pope can give him a special blessing when he's in town. here's bruce with only in philly. >> reporter: hi, i'm bruce
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gordon. eagles quarterback quarterback has been well documented, because torn ligaments on that knee it re kept bradford on the sidelines most of the past two seasons and because the threat of further injury has eagles fans holding their check testify breath. a healthier bradford may make the birds a super bowl contender, an injured bradford probably means another good but not good enough season. enter pope francis or perhaps more accurately. >> me and a couple of my colleagues. >>. >> reporter: hose a 22-year-old temple university student and big toil eagles fan who started an online petition to try and convince the pope to bless bradford's knees. both of them on the pontiff's visit in philadelphia in late september. >> i've been shown giants fans, i really associate myself with cowboys fans, i don't think at
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her really people. >> reporter: the petition on had by mid week garnered thousands of signatures from folks who think the pope should take time away from fighting world poverty or climate change to insure a million dollar quarterback can move around comfortably. to be clear, bradford did not ask for a papal ratty session, but told rarities he thought it would be, quote, pretty cool. the bad news at the time the pontiff arrives in philadelphia, the birds will already have played four preseason and two regular season games. a third regular season contest at new york will play out moments before the big papal mass on before a parkway subject 27th and the logistics won't be easy. but think about the up side. if in fact, he does bless bradford's knees and birds go on to win a super bowl, he'll have a verified miracle on his resume on his way to sainthood.
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only in philly. 8:09. are you ready for your close up? we have the american idol judges in our town. maybe they're outside your window, jaylo, keith urban, harry connick junior. we got big time idol, we got jen fred who's miss big time with the inside scoop you won't see anywhere else. >>. a complex goes up in flames and a baby is left dangling from the third floor of a billy. what an off duty fireman did to shave save the child's life. we're playing this song because it's a member of the fox 29 birthday but also madonna's birthday, gorgeous reading pennsylvania, we'll be back.
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. . following breaking news from overseas this morning, in dough emotion airline er is missing went off radar during a short flight across the country, wool flying into bad weather. officials say the plane lost contact minutes before scheduled to land, 49 passengers and five crew members were on board. we've just lerped the search for the plane has been suspended and will resume tomorrow morning. we'll continue to follow this breaking story and bring you new
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information as soon as it becomes available. wow, there is a hero fireman dies dives to catch a baby, it happened at an apartment complex. he saved the ten month old's life, mom and baby are recovering and so lucky a firefighter just happened to live at their complex in chat knew chattanooga, runs out to his gear whatever he had, walking back to that fiery building and looks up and sees the ten month old baby dangling from the third story window. >> as i proceeded to the building, the baby got released from at the top of the building and i dove into the bushes to grab the baby. as i was trying to get up, i felt a weight of somebody's body come down on my back as i was getting up and realized it was
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the mother of the child. >> can you imagine dove and caught that baby coming to the ground? we don't know the condition of the mom and baby right now. investigators say that apartment complex does not have sprang lesser. some of the smoke detect to hers didn't go off. took 50 to bring the under control. >> good for him. thank you for your service. taking a look at out at the poconos mountains, i was saying it before. it's gorgeous in the poconos, great things going on. enjoying the boats, having a knows relaxing day. dave is it the kind of day where they know go out and maybe get fishing, have fun? >> also dave, is it a good day for a birthday. >> it is a great day for a birthday to have fun. nice and clear, ultimate doppler all clear. it's not a weekday. it's a weekend. what's buddy doing? he made a cake for sue. happy birthday, sue.
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he got the eagles gear on of course, because the game is today. buddy is rather talented. eagles sunday, will not feel like it. heating up 90 continuing to climb. maybe climbing about 93 degrees and holding fairly steady throughout the afternoon. right about 93, but hot and humid. if you're headed down there keep the fluids going, whatever fluids you choose. i'll just put that out there. keep them going, because it's hot and muggy. of the humidity is continuing to climb. there's that live picture. 74 right now. due point 64, climbing up there just a little bit. light breeze about seven miles per hour out of the southwest. 70s to the north. still face and comfortable now. only thing outside, if you can, as opposed to the middle of the afternoon where we'll see the temperature climb above it 90, it will be cooler along the shore, 71 in millville, ultimate doppler clear. there will be clouds popping's later today, maybe producing a few showers to the north there, northern new jersey, where we
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had a few showers and storms yesterday. 70's into the 90's today. watch what happens down the shore. it will cool off just a bit climbing into mid 70's, 80's and 90 western suburb, nice and cool sea breeze down the shore, warm in the morning cooler in at the afternoon, cooler weather in the seven-day, look at those numbers coming up. 8:16 right now, junior reporters will have and in person today, lauren from villanova, i love when we have reporters go out and find great stories. we all know the pope is coming. that is one gave me chills. the lectern he's going to be speaking from was abraham lincoln's. >> when pope francis speaks in front of independent hall he'll use the same podium that abraham lincoln did when he spoke during the get it isberg address. >> four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought form a new nation. >> it is probably the single
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best piece of american presidential borrowing. >> reporter: 1863 president abraham lincoln delivered the gettysburg address in the midst of the civil war. >> lincoln's approach was one of reconciliation. of remembrance and also i think hope for the future. >> reporter: the lectern used to at the gettysburg address is used by the holiday union league. jim monday director of sequestration and programming is excited for the day when the lectern will appear on a modern stage. >> to bring a piece of physical history out, and to put it in the context of a history making moment, it's phenomenonal. >> that day will be september 26 during the papal visit. >> the pope will speak from the same podium used at another very hispanic motel, the gettysburg address. >> reporter: from behind this civil war lectern and in front of this building independent hall, pope francis will make his speech and what vatican officials predict to be religious liberty. >> this is the city where liberty rang out with the symbolic bell.
8:18 am
i believe we're going to hear a message of authentic liberty and freedom once again. >> reporter: fathom rosy says there's no better back drop for pope francis to speak about religious percent accumulation happening in the middle east. >> with the evil actions of isis, with the destruction of all kinds of villages, not only christian, they're all suffering. he we must do everything we can. >> this nation under god shall have a new birth of freedom and the government of the people by the people for the people. >> what an amazing symbol for such an important speech, we're goinging to following everything he says this historic event. >> reporter: and his desire to speak about religious liberty is no different than abraham lincoln addressed in gettysburg address. this a lot of common elements. >> thank you, that said going to be great.
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if you have any ideas for juneier reporters. everyone to getting up, should your breakfast be low fat or low car? it's a decision so many diet ers are faceded with. we got a new study putting one ahead of the other. we'll tell you why. girl power on the green, how this local teen's golf swing put a cut above the boys, we'll take you in focus. >> listening to little money honey by e lvis. >> we will celebrate his birthday on the anniversary of his death.
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he will vice
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8:22, foxed fox29weekend. it's national joke today day. what happens to a forgot's car when the breaks down? it gets towed away. and matt charlotte getting ready for her first birthday, happy birthday charlotte. i want to share a birthday, shirley happy birthday from your daughter, paul mr. a la image shell, and chris and his new fiance lid district attorney. girl column i love this in focus today, photo journalist found a girl who takes on the guys beat them at their own game. here's the thing, she does something really classy at the end. >> when 18-year-old i see bella isabella hits a golf ball, she crushs it. >> there's no better feeling than hitting a golf ball at the center of the stage and hitting it dead straight down the middle. >> she been hitting them straight since she was nine. >> i just want to have fun when i'm out here. >> a few weeks ago, isabella signed up to compete in the montgomery county girls junior champion championship. the only problem, not one oral other girl signed up. >> they the girls, there's always less girls than boys, at least there's a couple. >> since there wasn't anyone to play against, tournament organizers cancelled the shipper championship in isabella's father received a call. >> would isabella be interested in playing with the boys in the boys' division. >> i was recycle yeah, i just wanted to play. >> the tearily made up of tournament made up of 25 boys
8:25 am
and 1 one girl. >> usually girls don't go and play in the boys' division and win. it doesn't happen happen too often. i didn't i didn't think. i had a chance, someone is definitely going to come in with a lower score. >> isabella shot 73, one over par. >> i ended up winning. >> beating the boys? >> yes. >> we're so proud of her, we really were. i mean a good score against the boys, that the exciting. >> her next good score will be playing with the girls while attending notre dame. >> what strikes me, her calm under pressure and her demeanor, so collected. humble in a heat way. >> that's what i believe makes her so good, she's calm, goes out there, hits the ball, she hits the bad ball and hits another one. >> gave that scholarship away impressive, wonderful story, bill, talk. if you would like to give bill a story, he loves sports and music and recently he's been loving art, use fox29weekend. coming up on fox 29 weekend, a beautiful hot air balloon ride over lancaster takes a tragic turn, what happened seconds before the pilot tried to make a landing and karen? . in other news the happiest place on earth, did you hear what's going to be going on there? the new attraction that may have you headed to disney. we're also listening to a little bit of mass as we journey into his day, we have two lucky vip winners from good day who are going to be going there for all
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the fun.
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. 8:28 on fox29weekend. more than 1,000 people gathered to say their final fair well to a 19-year-old college football player killed by a police officer in arlington texas. funeral services were held for christian taylor yesterday. taylor was shot and killed by a
8:29 am
rookie police officer last week. brad miller opened fire at a car dealership after he found taylor acting erratically. the teen refused officer's orders, there was a confrontation and officer shot the teen. an investigation under way and the officer has been fired. also long-time civil rights champion julian bond passed away at his home in florida. served as chairman of the naacp more than a decade and a recognized voice in the struggle for equal rights for all. more than 40 years as a civil rights con, julian bond was 75 years old. we're learning new information this morning about a higher balloon crash that happened in lancaster. three people were hurt when the balloon went down in new holland saturday evening. there it is in the field. investigators say the pilot was trying to bring it in, landed in that hey field, when the basket
8:30 am
touched the ground, the top of the balloon tumbles over and falls on to power lines. police say it pilot and the passengers, 53-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman, were all taken to the hospital for treatment and were in critical condition. he said time for fox unfiltered. where we respond to your comments and complaints arrive on the air. >> chris o'connell recently you did a story on a princess lea. >> new jersey dad took exception to a to a dollar arctic was selling princess lea the black series, his daughter saw it. take a look at the dollar you see a chain around her next, looks like she's in a bikini but it is from a very famous scene, when he said he took exception to it and went on the air but we
8:31 am
got pounded by star wars fans. >> gregory rotate, i can't believe you even did the story, talk about an absent e father, has he ever even seen star wars. >> the father says he did see the film but he thought the dollar was a little inappropriate. he says it shouldn't be on store shelves. now evening anchor lucy nolan. how are you. >> excellent. thank you. >> i have proved one wore can make a big difference. it's the sad story of marie holmes single mom special needs child. we all love it when she won the lottery, 188 million, but recently, there's been an update. police raided her home. she was arrested on drug charges, marijuana, when we called the sad update, our viewers went ballistic on us. anthony wrote sad story it's legal in four states. leave the lady alone and find real news to report. and then there's sara, sad update?
8:32 am
you people at fox are so uneducated and so unintelligent. >> can you speak in monday know slab bick words? that said overmy head. so, yes, we got a lot of comments and after hearing all the comments, there was a lot more than those, we, in fact, agreed, that the use of the word sad is leading. but the thing is, an arrest really still is a story. we hear about lottery winners all the team falling on har times. it's sad, we're hoping they're going to have great days ahead. >> now i'm standing here with senior executive producer'list is a. i think you would agree that our viewers are very observant. >> they are, they keep us on our toes. >> why did you remove the clock under the logo? i keep trying to check the time, but it's gone. >> there's a very simple explanation for this. you probably noticed that the clock still on all of our other
8:33 am
newscast at 10:00 we remove it because we repeat the show overnight, and we don't want people who are watching overnight to be confused about the time. that's it for this week's edition for fox unfiltered. of we'd like to hear from you next week, jeff cole. let's get a check of the forecast. wilmington delaware absolutely gorgeous. bill? >> yes. >> why did lady gaga cry? >> i have no idea. >> because someone poked her face. >> we need a laugh check. >> dave warn. >> i gave you the last track. >> thanks dave, that said great. give us the weather. >> weather, no joke there. this is serious, wilmington delaware looking good, you're recording us pj but you're at golf club golfing with dad. i'm trying how to do that, record my weather and and play
8:34 am
golf. we also have an event happening today, they sent us this question:. >> what is the travis teen expedition we'll honoring the falling by challenging the living on the delaware. we're having fun in the sun, but what's the weather, dave. >> great looking shot there, no, don't expect any rain there, delaware weather gap way up in monroe county, warm and humid heating up 90 few clouds, 90 degrees, just a few clouds, maybe shower or two trying to develop this week, dry today. temperatures into the 70's now, 74 in philadelphia, continues to warm up showly at first, really heat up. we should be about noon -- be about phone by noon, watching if you recollect cast closely. few clouds coming down in northern new jersey along that front which is just fallen apart. that said about the only thing you'll see today. what happens in the seven-day forecast is we have more heat and more humidity, we could peak
8:35 am
on monday. it gets a political cooler little cooler, the heat index should be about the same, even though it's a little cooler temperature-wise, showers and storms each day, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, few more storms on friday, we'll start to see clearing by next weekend, pretty much the same thing day after day with highs right near 90. sounds good. heat wave. thank you, dave. security systems can be very expensive about you don't have to leave your family unprotected. >> you're not going to miss this. we got affordable ways to make your home safer coming up in this morning around the house. >> also, we have got a huge surprise hit blowing up the box office this weekend unexpectedly. you see the guys straight out of -- it's a straight-out success but it's the funny things people are making that have the internet cracking up. >> the pennsylvania lottery mega
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millions. free ride is on
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. welcome back, thank you so much for sending in the wonderful picture. lots of birthday days today. we have a idenat the chadds ford wine ri. good morning, gang, good morning to you, janet. this comes from andrew. what kind of bagel flies? >> tell me. >> a plane bagel. >> hap birthday to linda, the birth days are also being sent to us as well. >> that is one surprised me a little bit. here's the question, which is better. a low fat diet, low carb? the experts say a low fat
8:44 am
appears to beat out low carb. want to lose the fat? cut the fat. national institutes of health investigation. among 19 of these adults. volunteers participated in a two-week low fat diet followed by a two-week low carb. the low fat led to a higher percentage of body fat loss but researchers say low carb diet did allow for more actual weight loss. i'm confused. . >> me too. losing weightings losing fat, either way works. american idol. the final season, and the show final winner, i'll bet arrive from philadelphia, i'm guessing. >> philly got will the of talent. judges are in today, harry, keith and jaylo are all in philadelphia to hear first hand how talented our city is. >> jen fred been doing idol from the beginning. that she is, good morning, jen.
8:45 am
>> reporter: good morning everyone until. we want a winner from philadelphia, it's only the second time that you may have come here to audition, corey, you're from philly. good morning. what neighborhood are you from in philadelphia. >> queens village appropriately. >> you're head to toe a show stopper. the number one stun er right now. >> thank you, baby. >> please tell me you can sing. >> we'll find out. won't we? >> reporter: come on. >> i'm not going to give it away. >> reporter: tell me a little bit about what you've gone through, talked to them, doing tv stuff. >> it's just been pure joy and excitement. such an amazing group of loving people, everybody is so excited to be here. i love being part of this energy. can we -- this is not my good side. >> one thing i love the behind the scene stuff way better. they're shooting all the stuff we're going to eventually see when they come to the philadelphia audition.
8:46 am
of i love your goody basket. he has to have water to stay hydrated. you guys aren't allowed to have a lot of snacks and stuff. you had a good breakfast, hydrated. >> i don't eat. >> of course you don't. your six feet tall's weigh as much as. >> nor do i want to. sometimes i get an upset smec before i eat too much. >> reporter: i think you're going to kill it. high five way up top. my goodness. and by the way, i'll be borrowing those later when i get my audience. >> any time, you got it, babe. >> reporter: on the 10:00 you're going to see stuff and of course on good day tomorrow. i will say, even though i have pants on my legs are a little less hair ri than yours, it's working for you. >> it's my statement. >> reporter: by guys. >> i'm so glad you said that because karen and i were sitting here in the studio trying to figure out if it was appropriate for us to make a comment on
8:47 am
that. >> she's going to have all of that coming up later at our news at 6:00 and 10:00 tonight. something else so busy, eagles game, the beach bash. between the make sure you tune in, watch this one, we have the hottest team i cons, packed with tons of stars, big perform ers. robin thick, five seconds of summer and wait for this, the empire cast? i have to see this one. show hosted by ludicrous and josh peck whose adorable. the action starts arrive on fox at 8:00 tonight. huge disney news from a gall alex far, far away. you can go there soon, you can be will have to ride in and drive the falcon. those are big parts in our area,
8:48 am
orlando if florida, it's going to be so much fun, also an customized -- we don't know how much it's going to cost. we don't know when it's going to be done but we can wait for it and people are just talking all about it the. >> sounds good. you sound really excited. maybe we can broadcast the show live from there once they get it going. moving from star wars into our own local weather in a gall alex closer. little wind, little breeze hopefully cools things off. we actually -- someone send a question to us, dave, what's the best day to go to the beach? is it sunday? >> it could be today, yes, today should be the day. it's not quite humid and the weather will be a little cooler. especially this afternoon. once that sea breeze context in. weather authority shows we have nothing on the doppler.
8:49 am
temperatures also increasing about kickoff after 1:00, 90 at noon still rising peaking about 93 degrees, hot and humid, and it will be hot and humid continuing to about 4:00, maybe put a few clouds, plenty of fluids, due point 64, that could drop a little bit today. still feels a bit comfortable right now but the humidity starting to increase, that he is could be close to 70, this coming week, that will mistake the heat index climb close to 100 degrees. temperatures are a little cooler in the surrounding suburbs is, 69 in mount poconos, 70's just to the south. millville, 71, and 73 atlantic city and wildwood. climbing into the 80's and dropping that he is afternoon once that sea breeze develops, clear on ultimate doppler it should stay that way, few clouds more so to the north, 85 down to 78, nice sea breeze today. that will drop. the temperatures a little bit here in the comfortable range upper 70's.
8:50 am
91 again today, little hotter at the stadium and the heat increases as well as the humidly, seven-day forecast, we have a stretch of 90 degree temperatures, gets a little cooler tuesday, wednesday and thursday. that he is increase in humidity will keep that index right where it will be on monday the hottest day at 94, showers and storms, isolated can't pinpoint exact locations but there should be enough moisture in the air and enough heat to kick off these storms tuesday, wednesday, thursday, even friday, once we get to friday, cooler air is moving in. it will start to clear out. we'll see it exactly how much next weekend. we may have to keep rain in the forecast. looks like that will be the change here as we see the sunshine returning and humidity droppin dropping. if you have kids or know kids or remember being a kid, you're probably well aware that
8:51 am
some have rules when it comes to their food. some kids refuse to eat their vegetables. some don't look food certain color or food touching on a plate. hardly breaking news but researchers at duke university wanted to take a closer look to see if there was anything going on in those little brains that prevented kids from putting food in those little mouths. our dr. mike explains their study that appears in the journal of pediatrics. >> in this study they looked a the champion between the ages of two and five. they found about 20 percent of these kids had some form of picky eating where they wouldn't eat certain things, what research ers are now calling the restrictive food intake disorder is a condition where kids are super sensitive to either smells
8:52 am
or the texture of foods and it can actually make them feel ill. these kids, about three percent that were studied in this particular study, were found to have such severe food aversion that it was a big problem. these are the kids that you should have your doctor check out. >> good advice from dr. mike. even if you didn't need a study to tell you, some kids will only eat make and cheese or chicken nuggets.
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involved because it's installer powered, not only will it deter any trouble makers coming to your door but lights your client walkway so you don't have any trip hazards. lastly there is a store, bought project project which creates a barricade from allowing the door to open. if you have a question you want answered tweet us at #fox29weeken #fox29weekend. welcome back, it is national joke day. here's one now, i have a joke, what does a began cook? with a pan, duh. why didn't the sailor go to the dance? because he had nobody to go with? . >> thank you, kathy. marie sending in this gorgeous face. those cheeks happy birthday to my baby girl maylasha. it's wednesday, august 19th. >> one last birthday. little leon, happy birthday
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little leon. thanks everybody for watching. we'll see you soon.
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>> i'm chris wallace. the first fox news national poll since the big debate. who is surging and who is falling behind? we'll tell you. >> people are listening. they're not going to hear just political speak from me. >> we'll sit down with one candidate who has gotten a big post-debate bounce in iowa, dr. ben carson. plus, clinton's e-mail server. how will her campaign handle the latest setback? >> the bureau usually doesn't ask you to do things, they demand that it happen. >> we'll talk with republican congressman trey gowdy, chair of the house benghazi committee about the investigation. plus our sunday panel weighs in on the new poll numbers and the rise of the anti-politician. >> people are tired of professional politici


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